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Welcome to the World of Labels: Our Blog

Ein lebendiger Schreibtisch, der eine farbenfrohe Auswahl an Etikettendruckdesigns und -materialien präsentiert, mit einem auffälligen Zeitungslayout mit Barcode-Kunst. | A vibrant desk scene showcasing a colorful array of label printing designs and materials, with a striking newspaper layout featuring barcode art.


Welcome, dear readers, to our very first blog post! We are Rudolf Koehler GmbH, a company with a rich tradition dedicated to the art and science of label printing. Founded in 1939, we have established ourselves with passion and expertise in the industry. With this blog, we aim to offer you a deeper insight into our world: from the latest trends in label printing to time-tested practices that have stood the test of time.

Who We Are: Rudolf Koehler GmbH

Our journey began over eighty years ago, and since then, we have continually evolved. Today, we lead in providing custom label printing solutions across a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics. Our key to success? A combination of state-of-the-art digital printing technology, a commitment to sustainability, and an unwavering focus on quality.

Our Mission

At Rudolf Koehler GmbH, we believe that a label is more than just a marker – it's a critical element that connects brand identity, information, and design. That's why we strive to create labels that are not just functional but aesthetically pleasing as well. We pride ourselves on offering tailored solutions that meet our customers' specific needs.

The Blog: A Window Into Our World

Through our blog, we want to build a bridge between us and you, our valued readers. Twice a month, we will be posting new articles covering a variety of topics:

  • Innovations in Label Printing: Learn about the latest technological advancements and how we utilize them to improve print quality and efficiency.

  • Sustainability in Action: Dive into our initiatives for eco-friendly printing and how we minimize our carbon footprint.

  • Industry Insights: Gain valuable insights into the challenges and solutions specific to various sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics.

  • Design Trends: Discover the world of label design, from current trends to timeless styles.

  • Tips and Advice: Benefit from our expert knowledge with practical tips for your label printing projects.

We look forward to accompanying you on this exciting journey. Stay tuned for our next post and dive deeper into the fascinating world of labels with Rudolf Koehler GmbH.

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