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Climate Protection

We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and feel obliged, especially as an industrial company, to minimize our CO2 footprint.

Climate neutral printing

We can do it! And you invest with only marginal effort in globally recognized projects in the Gold Standard. According to the Kyoto Protocol, these projects can only be projected in developing and emerging countries. Under the leadership of WWF and Greenpeace, you are not only guaranteed the necessary transparency and control, but also the integration of the population and the consideration of the infrastructure in the respective countries.

You want to know more? Ask us about climate-neutral print products.

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The road to green electricity ...

... began in 2012, when we decided to install a powerful solar system on the roof of the production hall. This covers up to 50% of our daily energy requirements. As a result, we have already saved 175 tons of CO₂ in less than 10 years - the equivalent of an incredible 1.1 million car kilometers.

At the beginning of 2022, we switched to green electricity and since then we have been sourcing 100% of our electricity from renewable energy. This means that we emit 240 kg CO₂ less every day (1600km with a car).

Klimaschutz: Ökostrom Siegel von Vattenfall.

"Green" colors and materials

Modern digital printing allows us to dispense with classic, less environmentally friendly inks and varnishes and enables replacement with environmentally friendly toner. The toner we purchase is also produced with pure green electricity and is absolutely harmless to health and the environment.

We also pay attention to sustainability when selecting papers and films. Over the years, we have therefore become familiar with a wide range of environmentally friendly materials and offer everything from conventional FSC papers from responsible sources to exotic grass paper for which not a single tree has to be felled.



When it comes to environmentally and climate-friendly production, the printing and media industry has been a pioneer in the German economy for more than 25 years.

The environmental footprint of print products is much better than often suggested:

  • Paper is a renewable resource.

  • Paper is produced within a comprehensive circular economy with a world-leading recycling rate.

  • High energy and resource efficiency.

It is all the more important to strengthen the perception of print products as relatively eco-friendly communication tools and to decisively counteract misinformation and prejudices.

To learn more about the environmental efforts of the printing industry, check out the campaign by our association, the German Printing and Media Industries Federation: Campaign “Umwelt.Bewusst.Gedruckt.” or view this presentation.