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Barcode Labels and QR Code Labels: Navigating the World of Variable Coding

Barcode labels have evolved from mere strips of black bars and numbers into the cornerstone of contemporary inventory and data management systems. They serve as an indispensable link between tangible goods and the digital realm, offering an efficient, accurate, and cost-effective method for a wide array of industries. From logistics and retail to pharmaceuticals and food sectors, the utility of barcode labels is unquestionable.

At Rudolf Koehler GmbH, we recognize the critical role these compact yet potent instruments play. Our cutting-edge technology not only facilitates the creation of standard numbered barcodes but also caters to bespoke needs. Our proficiency lies in generating barcodes from CSV files or arranging customer data in specific sequences—be it structured or random—ensuring your unique requirements are precisely met.

This adaptability is particularly crucial in scenarios demanding distinctiveness and security. In a world rife with counterfeiting threats, our barcode solutions do more than streamline your operations—they safeguard your products from imitation.

Types of Barcode Labels

Barcode labels are as diverse as the products they identify. Commonly encountered types include barcode labels and QR code labels. Traditional barcodes represent numeric sequences and are scanned, while QR code labels store data more dynamically, making them ideal for containing URLs, product details, or personal data.

We provide a broad spectrum of barcode specifications, from retail-centric EAN and UPC codes to specialized Code128 or DataMatrix codes. Our advanced printing technologies guarantee barcodes that meet any requirement and conform to industry standards.

Moreover, we prioritize counterfeit protection in our barcode label production. As product counterfeiting escalates, we implement stringent security measures to ensure your products' authenticity. Our barcodes contribute to efficient product management and tracking, offering an added layer of protection against forgery.


Manufacturing barcode labels demands precision and tailor-made solutions. A pivotal aspect of our production is digital printing, ensuring near-perfect output essential for barcode reliability and readability.

Customizable Numbering and Sequencing

Our digital printing prowess allows for efficiently printing custom sequences, whether generated from a CSV file or arranged per customer specifications.

Printing Technology and Material Selection

Our digital printing capabilities facilitate the swift and adaptable production of barcode labels. We select only premium materials for our stickers, guaranteeing durability and readability in all conditions.

Complete Control and Automated Code Verification

Our production concludes with a meticulous final inspection. Automated code verification scrutinizes each label's encoding, ensuring error-free output and bolstering your confidence in our labeling.

Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction is manifest in each barcode label we produce. Every label narrates the story of your product and brand, and we diligently ensure that this narrative is authentic, lucid, and secure.

Special Cases and Specific Applications

Barcode labels are not one-size-fits-all. Our clients' needs are as varied as their industries, prompting us to offer specialized solutions beyond standard barcodes.

  • Serial Number Stickers: Ideal for products needing unique identification, aiding in logistics tracking, retail inventory, or warranty cases.

  • Barcode Labels for Specific Requirements: Tailored solutions for challenges like extreme temperatures, humidity, or direct food contact, ensuring label endurance in harsh conditions.

In an ever-evolving world, our constants are efficiency, security, and quality. Rudolf Koehler GmbH's barcode labels are more than identifiers—they are a commitment to these values.

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