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Single Labels - Individual Stickers, Infinite Potential

The Art of Uniqueness: Explore the World of Custom-Cut Labels.

Discover How Custom Stickers Can Make Products and Brands Stand Out

Join us on a journey through the versatile world of single labels, from personalized solutions to emphasizing quality and sustainability. Explore how tailored stickers can uniquely enhance products and brands.

Product Details

Single labels, also known as individually cut stickers, are highly flexible labeling solutions. They stand out for their versatility and adaptability, offering a wide range of options for your specific requirements. Here are some key aspects of our product details:

  1. Materials: Single labels can be made from various materials, including high-quality paper types, cardboard, plastics, and even special materials like foils or waterproof versions. The choice of material depends on the use and requirements of your project.

  2. Sizes and Shapes: Available in almost any imaginable size and shape, whether small, large, round, square, or custom shapes. You can tailor the size and shape to your needs.

  3. Printing Options: Print quality is a key feature of single labels. Choose from different printing technologies, including digital printing and letterpress, to ensure your labels have the desired quality and sharpness.

  4. Finishing Options: To make your single labels even more attractive, various finishing options are available, such as UV varnish, embossing, hot foil stamping (as shown here), and much more.

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  1. Types of Adhesives: Choosing the right adhesive is crucial to ensure your single labels adhere well to different surfaces. We offer various types of adhesives, from removable to hotmelt to water-soluble – we have it all!

  2. Applications: Single labels are used in numerous industries, including food and beverage, pharma, cosmetics, crafts, and more. They are ideal for precision and individuality.

Application Areas: Stickers in Practice

Single labels find application in a variety of industries to individually mark products and brands. Here are some concrete examples where single labels excel:

Pharmaceutical Industry

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In pharma, single labels are indispensable as inserts, offering a way to clearly and safely include important information like dosage, expiration dates, calendar stickers, and usage instructions.

Food and Beverage Industry

Used to label food and beverage packaging, they allow for product marking with ingredient lists, nutritional information, and barcode details.

Craft Industry

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Small businesses and craftsmen use single labels to personalize their handmade products. Whether it's handmade soaps, candles, or crafts, single labels give these products a professional touch.

Events and Conferences

Used as badges for event and conference participants, they facilitate identification and provide important information. They can also serve as memorable giveaways.

Pharmacies and Healthcare

In pharmacies, single labels play a crucial role in marking medication packaging, ensuring correct medication administration or increasing brand awareness through promotional items.

Custom Options

Single labels offer the perfect canvas to spread your message. Businesses can customize them to strengthen brand identity, promote marketing campaigns, share product information, and send personalized messages. With single labels, you can reach your target audience in a creative and cost-effective way.

Get in Touch and Get Your Project Started

If you're ready to design your unique single labels, or if you have any questions, we're here to assist you. Our team of experts looks forward to supporting you at every step of your project. Contact us today to discuss your requirements or to place an order.