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Booklet and Multilayer Labels

Multifunctional Booklet and Multilayer Labels: Compact, Informative Solutions for Pharma and Cosmetics

Imagine a label that opens like a small folded brochure - that's the concept of booklet labels! They not only bring information to your product, but also provide a convenient way to present additional content. And the best part? They can even be resealable, so you can keep the information handy at all times.

But that's not all! Our multilayer labels are true masters of versatility. With two or more labels on top of each other, they offer maximum information density in minimum space. Think multilingual instructions, legally required texts or even sweepstakes and promotions that you can easily place on your product. And all this without having to change the design of your original packaging!

Especially in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors, countless possibilities open up for you. Instructions for use or medication package inserts can be attached directly to the product to ensure a straightforward and user-friendly experience.

And the best part? There are virtually no limits to your creativity in terms of printing technology! Let your imagination run wild and realize your unique design ideas.

Discover the exciting world of booklet labels and multi-layer labels and be inspired by the endless possibilities. Contact us today to learn more and bring your label projects to life.